Attempt v. Result

Attempt v. Result

Sometimes you just have to have more than one creative outlet. I am desperately striving to find some kind of creativity outside of writing to allow myself to feel the gratification of completing something earlier than the months it takes me to finish a draft of a book. This year I decided I should probably learn to feed myself something other than noodles and the occasional baked chicken breast with a dash of seasoning.

I collected (hoarded) cookbooks like it was my job (I wish it was), and found that I really did enjoy following a recipe somebody else had figured out. However, I only ever ended up eating a few of the recipes in the book before inevitably buying another (not a hoarder, a collector). I was at a loss of how to find recipes I would actually want to cook during my busy work week.

Like any other self-respecting consumer of social media, I turned to Pinterest.

Pinterest, if you have somehow been living under a rock, is a website that allows you to collect other webpages to your own sort of “vision boards” and save them for later perusal. You can also view other people’s pins which should (key word being should as some people apparently don’t understand that concept) take you to the source of that information. It’s like researching via vision board.

I love it for researching novel characters and settings, ideas for my dream home, gardening tips for when I finally have that dream home, and of course recipes.

I’m sure there are many blogs about Pinterest fails or making recipes from cook books (think that movie Julie & Julia where she made the entirety of the Joy of Cooking). But, I’m going to go for it anyways.

I might share some of my draft “vision boards” or my cooking attempts. The possibilities are endless.

So let me know what you all would like to see. I hope you have fun learning with me how I can create outside of writing.

Happy Reading!

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