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Attempt v. Result: “The Vegan Buddha Bowl” from Well and Full

In one of my nighttime stumblings around Pinterest, I happened upon this picture:

Needless to say, I followed the link, read the recipe to see if it was doable for me, then immediately added it to my food board (named “Yummy” if you must know). This weekend I made it.

My Result

Obviously, I have not developed a skill for plating quite yet (or maybe it’s taking photos of food?). What got me about this recipe is the blog says the recipe is for 2. I made half the quinoa and still had enough for 4 bowls of this (aka leftovers for days). Her sauce is very lightly drizzled over the quinoa. But, if you were going to cover 2 portions in sauce…my generous helping is, well, not as generous as you might think. I covered two portions and still have tons.

My odd plating aside (and non-complaints about how much food I have left), this recipe is DELICIOUS! Legitimately you could throw all this stuff in any way you want and it’s going to be fantastic. Crunchy chickpeas, red bell pepper sauce, and some creamy avocado? I was in health food heaven. Anybody tells you they don’t like salad throw this at them and they might change their minds. (Don’t actually throw it, that doesn’t change anybody’s mind).

TLDR; My plating makes this dish look really ugly, but it’s still super tasty! Go check out Well and Full and try it out yourself! If you do, send me a comment to let me know if you had as much trouble getting the sauce to look as pretty as the picture.

Happy Cooking! 🙂

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