Attempt v. Result, Crochet

Attempt v. Result

As the new year rolled around I actually started my goal of finding a new creative outlet! Not only that, but I stuck to that goal. I started out hunting through Pinterest and saving any “easy enough” crochet projects that I could find. This one in particular by Just Be Crafty claimed to be great for beginners.

Chunky Crochet Cowl by Just Be Crafty

And so I followed through with my plans. I made a scarf!

My result!

The original poster was not lying, this scarf is VERY EASY to make. So if you’re looking for a good one to start with that doesn’t feel like endless rows of nothing, I suggest this one. It took me only a few days and a binge watch of a Netflix series.

A few things about my first finished crochet project. 1) I have practiced crochet stitches multiple times before without attempting a full project. 2) I used the wrong chunkiness of yarn so it turned out WAY thinner than the piece I attempted. 3) For some reason I crochet very tight stitches. Not sure if that’s because my yarn wasn’t the right bulk or because I tend to like having everything neat and tidy while I’m working on a project.

All of that considered, I’m ridiculously proud of this scarf. I mean…it’s a thing I made with my own two hands that I can wear around! How cool is that?!

Did it kick-start my creativity? No. But it did make me want to immediately start another project. So, I’m crocheting a blanket now.

If you try making this one, let me know! Do you crochet? What kind of pieces do you like to make? What other crafty things should I try to do next?

Happy Making!

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