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The Arrangement on Radish Fiction

I am excited to announce my serial romantic-thriller on the Radish Fiction app! Read the synopsis here! Download the app for free and read locked episodes with coins, or wait 7 days until they’re unlocked to read for free. With the twists and turns, I hope you can’t help but use those coins. Episodes are unlocked every Tuesday and Friday at 12pm.

The Arrangement is now complete! Join over 42,000 viewers and read what’s in store for April and Lucas.

Happy reading!


Asian Drama Blogging

If you’re interested in seeing some of the other work I’ve done, I run an Asian Drama review blog here.

I’ve been watching Korean dramas and other television shows since my Freshman year of college. Spurred by a friend’s interest, ultimately I was pulled into the wild world of sudden plot twists and incredibly emotional character turns.

Most shows are only one season of 16 to 21 episodes and yet they cram in as much heart-straining emotion that a 5 season series could only dream of. I find the pace of dramas incredible, the character growth endearing, and most of all the stories absolutely fascinating.

A few of the dramas I’ve reviewed!

Note: This blog is a bit on the old side. While my interest in dramas hasn’t died, the blog hasn’t seen some love in quite a while. Be kind if you give it a read. Thanks!