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What an insatiable reading appetite really means.

Over the last 10 days, I've read 6 and a half books (7 so far in September). It's tempting to say that they were just really good books, but I think there's something else happening as well. As I've said before, I'm a mood reader, which means that a book has to hit a certain… Continue reading What an insatiable reading appetite really means.

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People reading my writing is scary!

Okay. So now that the big developmental edit/rewrite is complete, I've sent the book off to a couple of beta readers to make sure the plot makes sense. This has me SHAKING. Why is it so terrifying to have other people read my writing? Probably because I just spent the better part of two years… Continue reading People reading my writing is scary!

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When completing projects feels anticlimactic

I FINISHED MY REVISION! Woooooo! Is it "finished" no...but it's so much closer to that stage. It took almost a year to work through re-reading, critiquing, and re-planning the novel. The writing alone took 9 months to finish. But, honestly, I'm thrilled. I had planned January 1 to December 31 for this project. The fact… Continue reading When completing projects feels anticlimactic

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What comes next for the novel?

I'm so excited! I only have 4 scenes left or 2-3 chapters! If I can get in some good days of writing I should finish by the end of the weekend! What comes next? After this revision is complete, I'm going to set the project aside for at least 2 weeks. This will let everything… Continue reading What comes next for the novel?

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7 Scenes Left to Rewrite

I am nearing the end of my novel rewrite! 7 scenes to go! When I say "scenes" this could be loosely translated to mean the start and resolution of a specific event. Basically, I set each scene up with a motive, a conflict, and a resolution. Motives mean goals of the character or scene -… Continue reading 7 Scenes Left to Rewrite