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Revision Diaries: Stalling is Normal

As much as I'm enjoying working through my manuscript, it is a lot of work. My brain really isn't handling "more work" right now. My day job is starting to ramp-up, socializing is coming back, and of course the puppy. Puppy Blues Turns out, having a tiny puppy is a TON of work. Not just… Continue reading Revision Diaries: Stalling is Normal

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Revision Diaries: Evaluating the Manuscript

I've heard of reading through a draft before to see it from the perspective of future readers before you edit. However, going further than that seemed over the top when the problems seemed obvious. Did I know how to actually tackle the problems I found while reading or even use the wonderful gems I found… Continue reading Revision Diaries: Evaluating the Manuscript

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The start of the Revision Diaries

I am taking a course from the wonderful Caroline Donahue called "The Next Draft Intensive." It's a ten week intensive to revising a novel where she shares what she's learned while interviewing authors on her podcast as well as through the revision process of her own novel. I'm HYPE! It's like the nervous/excited feeling of… Continue reading The start of the Revision Diaries

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Emotional Writing

I took some time for the U.S. holiday (Labor Day), but I'll still post this week. I wanted to touch on something I'm really working on, which is emotional writing. I've always had a huge issue pulling on the heartstrings of others in my writing, or at least that's how I've felt. Things that should… Continue reading Emotional Writing

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When things slow down, the critic gets louder.

I've had a very slow writing week. That tends to happen after big surges. That tends to happen after I hit chapter 7, to be completely honest with myself. There's always a point in my writing where the new idea stops being new, the excitement wears off, and now I'm left to grind through the… Continue reading When things slow down, the critic gets louder.