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Entering Act III of my serial!

It has taken a very long time to get to this point. My serial is finally in its final act! What does that mean? For Saving the Music I followed the traditional three act structure made popular through "Save the Cat" by Blake Snyder. Essentially, Act III comes after the "dark moment of the soul"… Continue reading Entering Act III of my serial!

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Self-imposed accountability doesn’t work for me. The deadline has to be real.

I always thought that I needed a deadline to get things done. But, it couldn't be a self-imposed deadline. It had to be a real deadline with real consequences. For the most part, this is still very true. I'm motivated to be productive by the idea that somebody else is waiting for what I'm working… Continue reading Self-imposed accountability doesn’t work for me. The deadline has to be real.

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Progress and Plans

Oh my goodness what a month. From starting a new job and adjusting to a new schedule to trying to keep up with my serial posting schedule, a lot has been in progress while I had to take a break from the blog. My serial on Radish Fiction is live and currently releasing new episodes… Continue reading Progress and Plans

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Sometimes change puts creativity on pause

I've had a heck of a March. From a sudden lay off from my job to grinding every day to find a new job, I was exhausted emotionally. I suddenly had all of this time to do my writing, but when I would sit down it was like a wall formed to keep all of… Continue reading Sometimes change puts creativity on pause

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Know thyself…and your favorite tropes

People like to hate on tropes, but there's a reason that they're popular. They work for people. You tell somebody a story has an "enemies to lovers" romance subplot and they will either immediately read it or put it on their "never-to-be-read" list. A lot of them center around relationships, or even around the place… Continue reading Know thyself…and your favorite tropes