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Reading Like A Writer

Every writer, or aspiring writer, has heard the phrase "read like a writer." To me, that means to read with a curiosity of how the author accomplished the story they created. If the characters resonated with you, why? If the story struck a certain chord, how? If you thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the story,… Continue reading Reading Like A Writer

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What if I read only what’s on my TBR shelf?

I have 40 books on my fiction to-be-read (TBR) shelf. More if I count the ones I'm currently reading, the memoirs, and classics I keep for those "one day" moments. (Yeah, even I have those kinds of books). But the constant carousel that is the TBR shelf has 40 books, so I'll start there. I've… Continue reading What if I read only what’s on my TBR shelf?