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TBR Progress – Quarter 2!

When I started the year, I had 40 books on my TBR shelf to read. Recently, I purged a couple that I knew I wouldn't get to/had no interest in reading any more, which brings the new total to 38. Out of that many I have now read a grand total of 11! 11/38 is… Continue reading TBR Progress – Quarter 2!

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Finding Writing Mentors While Reading

I while ago, I heard somebody talk about how they utilize other writers as "mentors" by reading their works. I like this concept. Finding a writer whose style I like and picking their work apart to find out why I like it. Moreover, when I find a writer who writes for the same reason I… Continue reading Finding Writing Mentors While Reading

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Reading Like A Writer

Every writer, or aspiring writer, has heard the phrase "read like a writer." To me, that means to read with a curiosity of how the author accomplished the story they created. If the characters resonated with you, why? If the story struck a certain chord, how? If you thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the story,… Continue reading Reading Like A Writer