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Reading Goals and Disappointment

As of the time I'm writing this I am 6 books behind meeting my reading goal for 2021. My goal was 50 books. I think I've got it in me to maybe finish 2 more if I'm dedicated, but realistically I think it's most likely going to just be one. This sits me at a… Continue reading Reading Goals and Disappointment

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Most Writing Days Look the Same

Most writing days look exactly the same. They are typing, reading, typing some more, brainstorming, and more typing. Honestly, it's super fun but gets monotonous if you don't like your story. To be honest, it gets monotonous even if you really love your story. It's a sad truth that at some point you probably will… Continue reading Most Writing Days Look the Same

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Rest and Revision

I rested last week. Well...I rested with my writing at least. Everything else was chaos as usual. As it is for many people, winter is hard on me. I am like a houseplant with more complex emotions. I need sunlight, water, and a very specific space to thrive. Winter specifically deprives me of some of… Continue reading Rest and Revision

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Revision Diaries: Celebrate the Wins!

I have finished my third read and my manuscript evaluation spreadsheet! Woohoo! It is a very daunting thing to see your whole book mapped out in a spreadsheet of scenes, but it feels ridiculously good to have a visual of what works and what doesn't. Do I dare color code it? Still playing with that… Continue reading Revision Diaries: Celebrate the Wins!

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Revision Diaries: Stalling is Normal

As much as I'm enjoying working through my manuscript, it is a lot of work. My brain really isn't handling "more work" right now. My day job is starting to ramp-up, socializing is coming back, and of course the puppy. Puppy Blues Turns out, having a tiny puppy is a TON of work. Not just… Continue reading Revision Diaries: Stalling is Normal