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Working through plot beats

The best feeling in the world is when a project feels fresh and exciting when you get back into working on it. I decided to take a step back and make sure my plot beats are where they need to be before I keep writing the final chapters of Saving the Music. I have enough… Continue reading Working through plot beats

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Starting Slow is Okay Too

Do you have this strange guilt around the New Year? If you're not starting new, starting over, or making plans, maybe you're failing at something? I've had that guilt so many times. This year, however, despite having certain goals for 2023 that I was hoping to kick off or continue, I COULD NOT start on… Continue reading Starting Slow is Okay Too

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I journal once a year…let’s make it worth it.

I think next year I will be focusing on living the life I've built. It's strange to go through the past couple of year-end journals. So much of what I hoped for in my life is happening and I haven't even really stopped to fully acknowledge that. My biggest dream as I entered adulthood was… Continue reading I journal once a year…let’s make it worth it.

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It’s already December?! Time to set some goals

My goodness, time flies when you're having fun I guess. I cannot believe it is already the middle of December! It feels like I was just getting used to the warm weather and we got 2 inches of snow the other day. What's more shocking is that I haven't touched my revised manuscript since I… Continue reading It’s already December?! Time to set some goals

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Learning a new genre: Epic Fantasy

I've had a few ideas bubbling up in the quiet of the week. The problem is that the one I really want to work on next wants to be HUGE. I'm talking Epic Fantasy huge. I don't have any experience writing big sweeping fantasies. World building beyond a small contained section of a world is… Continue reading Learning a new genre: Epic Fantasy