Writing Process

Revision Update – Progress!

I have made progress! It feels so so good to actually have a point in writing where you can see the change happening in the piece. So much of writing is done in your head through brainstorming, trying things till they work, or even just redlining and redoing. But, when you find that golden moment… Continue reading Revision Update – Progress!


What I learned from a month away from social media.

I've taken breaks from social media before. And you've probably heard every reason under the sun for doing this. Usually people break or go right back to using it after a short time. Well, It's June 1st and I really don't like that the only thing I miss is seeing what my friends are up… Continue reading What I learned from a month away from social media.

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Loves of my Creative Self

I've been trying to balance out my creative and critical selves since taking that course with Caroline. Oh man, it is not easy. I had not realized how much hold my Critic had over my activities. My poor Creative just sort of whimpered in the corner until every once and a while a new idea… Continue reading Loves of my Creative Self