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Revision Diaries: Stalling is Normal

As much as I'm enjoying working through my manuscript, it is a lot of work. My brain really isn't handling "more work" right now. My day job is starting to ramp-up, socializing is coming back, and of course the puppy. Puppy Blues Turns out, having a tiny puppy is a TON of work. Not just… Continue reading Revision Diaries: Stalling is Normal

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Revision Diaries: Evaluating the Manuscript

I've heard of reading through a draft before to see it from the perspective of future readers before you edit. However, going further than that seemed over the top when the problems seemed obvious. Did I know how to actually tackle the problems I found while reading or even use the wonderful gems I found… Continue reading Revision Diaries: Evaluating the Manuscript

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Revision Diaries: The Read Through

No post last week because of this little Nugget that is now in our lives: So many naps, not so much sleep during the night. This week though I want to talk about how my revision is going so far. I'm currently in my first read through of my novel after taking a significant break.… Continue reading Revision Diaries: The Read Through

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The start of the Revision Diaries

I am taking a course from the wonderful Caroline Donahue called "The Next Draft Intensive." It's a ten week intensive to revising a novel where she shares what she's learned while interviewing authors on her podcast as well as through the revision process of her own novel. I'm HYPE! It's like the nervous/excited feeling of… Continue reading The start of the Revision Diaries

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Emotional Writing

I took some time for the U.S. holiday (Labor Day), but I'll still post this week. I wanted to touch on something I'm really working on, which is emotional writing. I've always had a huge issue pulling on the heartstrings of others in my writing, or at least that's how I've felt. Things that should… Continue reading Emotional Writing