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New Ideas and Formulating Plots

I'm working on something new! This is something that I would call a chronic issue with me. I like the "shiny new ideas" sometimes more than my current projects. However, since I am deep into revisions, I feel like it's a safe time to actually start drafting something new for my sanity. My creative self… Continue reading New Ideas and Formulating Plots

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Busy, busy, busy … But what about creating?

Things happen when life gets busy. Maybe I'm busy with work, or busy with social plans, or maybe even just a major life change happens and it takes a lot of time. Obviously, when that busyness takes over, hobbies and "extra" activities have to be put down for a while. I do not believe this… Continue reading Busy, busy, busy … But what about creating?

Writing Process

Revision Update – Progress!

I have made progress! It feels so so good to actually have a point in writing where you can see the change happening in the piece. So much of writing is done in your head through brainstorming, trying things till they work, or even just redlining and redoing. But, when you find that golden moment… Continue reading Revision Update – Progress!

Writing Process

Getting Back Into A Balance

My writing "routine" has been off for quite a while. I've been ridiculously busy with work (excuse), I've been super tired because of the stress of it all (excuse), and I'm just out the habit (excuse). Not having time is an excuse. A huge one. The first step to getting back to writing is actually… Continue reading Getting Back Into A Balance

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Does My Writing Routine Work for Me?

Oh boy, does Caroline Donahue ask big questions in her classes. After going through the process of getting to know my creative self and my critical self, I am now looking at how my writing routine fits both of those. And quite honestly...I don't know. I thought that "routine" worked best because then I just… Continue reading Does My Writing Routine Work for Me?