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Creativity means changing your mind

We had four bushes on the side of our garage that were diseased last year but coming back alright this year. I didn't like the look of them and even though I could have cared for them and brought them back to health, they just didn't suit my taste. We made the decision to rip… Continue reading Creativity means changing your mind

Life, Updates, Work-in-Progress, Writing Process

The Book is One-Third Re-Written!

I hit a new milestone last week! I got over one-third of the way through my re-write! Woooooo! I am so happy with how the story is going right now and how the writing is turning out. Taking time with the words and really concentrating on the plot and feel have proven to be a… Continue reading The Book is One-Third Re-Written!

Life, Updates, Work-in-Progress, Writing Process

Changes of Scenery

This past weekend my friend and I went on our own mini writer's retreat. Mostly, this included us, a cabin, and only a little bit of pressure to be productive. It was a good day as long as we got writing done. We adventured in the morning and spent the afternoon on our own projects,… Continue reading Changes of Scenery

Life, Updates, Work-in-Progress, Writing Process

Lots One Day vs. Nothing the Next

The week prior I soared past my milestone 20k no problem, despite the chaos of a literal fire in my home. While this past week I have done only one meager day of writing, despite having every opportunity to sit down and get something written. I could sit here and ask "What's wrong with me?"… Continue reading Lots One Day vs. Nothing the Next