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The start of the Revision Diaries

I am taking a course from the wonderful Caroline Donahue called "The Next Draft Intensive." It's a ten week intensive to revising a novel where she shares what she's learned while interviewing authors on her podcast as well as through the revision process of her own novel. I'm HYPE! It's like the nervous/excited feeling of… Continue reading The start of the Revision Diaries

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I’ve hit a milestone! Let’s celebrate!

I hit 20,000 words! The average YA/romance novel is between 50,000 to 80,000 words. Using 80,000 as my goal, that's about 1/4 of the way through the book! Woooo! I'm a big believer in celebrating wins, even if they feel small. This belief stems from my very bad tendency to...not do that at all and… Continue reading I’ve hit a milestone! Let’s celebrate!

Updates, Work-in-Progress, Writing Process

A Reformed Pantser’s Plotting Method

If you do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), you know what "pantser" means. It's basically a term made up to describe writers that go in with absolutely no plan and fly by the seat of their pants. Hence, "pants-ers." I used to write this way. I hated outlines. Mostly because every English teacher from middle… Continue reading A Reformed Pantser’s Plotting Method

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Writing fast and slow

Last week I cranked out 4.5 chapters of my new book idea! That's so much! I don't know how many words that is because I haven't pulled it into my "official" writing software yet, but it's a lot. I write around 2-3k words per chapter (usually closer to 3 if I can help it) which… Continue reading Writing fast and slow

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New Ideas and Formulating Plots

I'm working on something new! This is something that I would call a chronic issue with me. I like the "shiny new ideas" sometimes more than my current projects. However, since I am deep into revisions, I feel like it's a safe time to actually start drafting something new for my sanity. My creative self… Continue reading New Ideas and Formulating Plots