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Getting Back Into A Balance

My writing "routine" has been off for quite a while. I've been ridiculously busy with work (excuse), I've been super tired because of the stress of it all (excuse), and I'm just out the habit (excuse). Not having time is an excuse. A huge one. The first step to getting back to writing is actually… Continue reading Getting Back Into A Balance

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Can I keep a story short?

One of my big goals is to get a short story published in an anthology. I also have a bigger goal of making an anthology or collection myself, but I think starting with one story and working my way up is for the best. But here's the thing. Short stories are really really hard to… Continue reading Can I keep a story short?

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Loves of my Creative Self

I've been trying to balance out my creative and critical selves since taking that course with Caroline. Oh man, it is not easy. I had not realized how much hold my Critic had over my activities. My poor Creative just sort of whimpered in the corner until every once and a while a new idea… Continue reading Loves of my Creative Self

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My Critical Self’s Worst Nightmare

The one thing that every author warns about trying to get published is that you shouldn't be in it for the money. Why? Because there is no guarantee that your book will sell well. Whether it's because of trends, audience, genre, etc, there are so many things that come into play for how well your… Continue reading My Critical Self’s Worst Nightmare

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Does My Writing Routine Work for Me?

Oh boy, does Caroline Donahue ask big questions in her classes. After going through the process of getting to know my creative self and my critical self, I am now looking at how my writing routine fits both of those. And quite honestly...I don't know. I thought that "routine" worked best because then I just… Continue reading Does My Writing Routine Work for Me?