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Creative Refueling

I'm at just over 50,000 of my 80,000-word rewrite. That's just over 62% through the revision! Better yet I only have about 12 scenes left to write! With most scenes averaging around 1,500 words or 2,000 words, I'm looking at only 18k - 24k words! It'll be a little less than 80,000, so I'm further… Continue reading Creative Refueling

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Losing CampNano wasn’t really a loss

Camp Nanowrimo 2022 is over. I only managed to write 12,810 words out of my goal of 40,000. But, I'm actually okay with this. I have nearly 13,000 new words in my novel and honestly, I don't think I would have written that much in a month if I hadn't at least tried this challenge… Continue reading Losing CampNano wasn’t really a loss

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Slow and Steady Finishes the Book…right?

So...I went against what I said I would do (surprise surprise). I said I would work on another idea for the month of July. Instead, I went crazy and decided to do Camp Nanowrimo for my revision. Did I get a lot of writing done? Yes! Did I also need a week-long break last week… Continue reading Slow and Steady Finishes the Book…right?

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Q2 Reading: Challenge Complete

Wow, I've been reading a lot more than usual. Mostly, I got hooked on a manga series and read all 11 books in the course of a month. Do I count manga in my reading challenge count? Absolutely! It's still a story and a LOT of work goes into creating them. Here are the charts!… Continue reading Q2 Reading: Challenge Complete

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When hitting a goal is a needed boost

I'm officially OVER halfway through my book revisions. While the first half of the book felt like pushing a boulder up a mountain, the second half seems to be like trying to catch the boulder as it rolls down the hill on the other side. I know it's finally at the end stretch, but I… Continue reading When hitting a goal is a needed boost