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Rewriting is Scary, You Guys!

I've finished the first chapter of my rewrite! Let's celebrate that for a quick second, always stop to celebrate right? I'm also ALMOST to the 5,000 word mark and well into the second chapter. (let's be honest I'm only just past 4,000 but still) My rewrite of this novel has some major shifting of scene… Continue reading Rewriting is Scary, You Guys!

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Celebrating and New Writing Rituals

For any girl born in the 90s that watched 13 Going On 30, we've impatiently awaited the day we got to shout that we are "Thirty and flirty and thriving!" Yeah, that was one wicked line! We were impatient to start our lives, sick of being teens; misunderstood, awkward, bullied. Well, the journey to being… Continue reading Celebrating and New Writing Rituals

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A Year of Posts to Prove Myself Wrong

Happy New Year! If you've been following me since last January, you may have noticed that I have posted almost every Monday for a year! In doing so, I have proven myself wrong on one very important account - I CAN be consistent with something for a long stretch of time. More importantly, consistent in… Continue reading A Year of Posts to Prove Myself Wrong

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Reading Goals and Disappointment

As of the time I'm writing this I am 6 books behind meeting my reading goal for 2021. My goal was 50 books. I think I've got it in me to maybe finish 2 more if I'm dedicated, but realistically I think it's most likely going to just be one. This sits me at a… Continue reading Reading Goals and Disappointment

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Most Writing Days Look the Same

Most writing days look exactly the same. They are typing, reading, typing some more, brainstorming, and more typing. Honestly, it's super fun but gets monotonous if you don't like your story. To be honest, it gets monotonous even if you really love your story. It's a sad truth that at some point you probably will… Continue reading Most Writing Days Look the Same