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Attempt v. Result: “The Vegan Buddha Bowl” from Well and Full

In one of my nighttime stumblings around Pinterest, I happened upon this picture:

Needless to say, I followed the link, read the recipe to see if it was doable for me, then immediately added it to my food board (named “Yummy” if you must know). This weekend I made it.

My Result

Obviously, I have not developed a skill for plating quite yet (or maybe it’s taking photos of food?). What got me about this recipe is the blog says the recipe is for 2. I made half the quinoa and still had enough for 4 bowls of this (aka leftovers for days). Her sauce is very lightly drizzled over the quinoa. But, if you were going to cover 2 portions in sauce…my generous helping is, well, not as generous as you might think. I covered two portions and still have tons.

My odd plating aside (and non-complaints about how much food I have left), this recipe is DELICIOUS! Legitimately you could throw all this stuff in any way you want and it’s going to be fantastic. Crunchy chickpeas, red bell pepper sauce, and some creamy avocado? I was in health food heaven. Anybody tells you they don’t like salad throw this at them and they might change their minds. (Don’t actually throw it, that doesn’t change anybody’s mind).

TLDR; My plating makes this dish look really ugly, but it’s still super tasty! Go check out Well and Full and try it out yourself! If you do, send me a comment to let me know if you had as much trouble getting the sauce to look as pretty as the picture.

Happy Cooking! 🙂

Attempt v. Result

Attempt v. Result

Sometimes you just have to have more than one creative outlet. I am desperately striving to find some kind of creativity outside of writing to allow myself to feel the gratification of completing something earlier than the months it takes me to finish a draft of a book. This year I decided I should probably learn to feed myself something other than noodles and the occasional baked chicken breast with a dash of seasoning.

I collected (hoarded) cookbooks like it was my job (I wish it was), and found that I really did enjoy following a recipe somebody else had figured out. However, I only ever ended up eating a few of the recipes in the book before inevitably buying another (not a hoarder, a collector). I was at a loss of how to find recipes I would actually want to cook during my busy work week.

Like any other self-respecting consumer of social media, I turned to Pinterest.

Pinterest, if you have somehow been living under a rock, is a website that allows you to collect other webpages to your own sort of “vision boards” and save them for later perusal. You can also view other people’s pins which should (key word being should as some people apparently don’t understand that concept) take you to the source of that information. It’s like researching via vision board.

I love it for researching novel characters and settings, ideas for my dream home, gardening tips for when I finally have that dream home, and of course recipes.

I’m sure there are many blogs about Pinterest fails or making recipes from cook books (think that movie Julie & Julia where she made the entirety of the Joy of Cooking). But, I’m going to go for it anyways.

I might share some of my draft “vision boards” or my cooking attempts. The possibilities are endless.

So let me know what you all would like to see. I hope you have fun learning with me how I can create outside of writing.

Happy Reading!

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The Arrangement on Radish Fiction – Complete!

Hey All!

I’m dropping a quick post on here to let you know that my romantic-thriller novel, The Arrangement, is complete!

You can read the synopsis here! But be sure to download the Radish Fiction app on your phone or tablet to read all 31 episodes. 🙂

Thank you so much to any who have already read it and to any who plan to now that it is complete. Any views and support mean more than you know.

This whole experience has taught me so much about how I write and what my process is. I can’t say I loved every moment of it, but I can definitely say that it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Happy Reading!

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Radish Fiction Update

I was going to write some gushing blog post on how amazing the last few weeks have been sharing my writing for the first time. Honestly, I don’t think my numbers are that impressive for sharing work online. But, I still feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about how people are choosing to read my work!

I have 10 “episodes” up on the platform now with a little over 600 views and more than 130 subscribers. This seems like A LOT to me. But, looking at some of the other established writers, they blow me out of the water. (obviously, that comes with a readership and all that).

I figured, “oh, it’s probably mostly my friends and family reading.” But, I’ve learned that most of them want to “wait till the whole thing is up.” I’m completely cool with this! Yet, it makes me wonder…who is reading my work then?


That fact alone makes me feel like I am finally “getting somewhere” with my writing. Like I’m starting to get more comfortable sharing my creative writing with people other than other writers.

So far so good. If you want to read it, check the synopsis out here! Then, download the Radish Fiction app on your phone or tablet to read the whole thing.

Happy Reading!

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Announcing My Serial Novel with Radish Fiction!

IMG_1974I am so excited to announce that my romantic-thriller The Arrangement has been accepted as a serial fiction series on the Radish Fiction app!

You can read the synopsis here!

This series is in a “Freemium” model. You can download the app for free, and read episodes for free as they are unlocked. Or you can choose to buy coins to gain access to unlocked chapters for advanced reading! New chapters, or episodes, come out every Monday and Friday, and episodes are unlocked for free reading after 7 days.

I am so excited to finally have a piece of my writing out in the world. I loved this story when I first wrote it two years ago for National Novel Writing Month and am thrilled to get a chance to develop it for a serial release.

It’s going to be a wild ride, so I hope you all can join me for it. I’m sure to learn a lot and grow as a writer. I’ll be sure to share as much as I can about the experience.

Happy reading!