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Personal Chaos Can’t Stop Milestones!

I will hit 20,000 words with my next writing session! That's 1/4 of the way through my planned word count of the book rewrite! I am over the moon at this number because it FEELS huge. The plot has kicked off, things are actively happening, the characters have captured the attention of readers (I hope),… Continue reading Personal Chaos Can’t Stop Milestones!

Life, Updates, Writing Process

When Perseverance Pays Off

My goodness, my puppy is seven months old! Our little Nugget has been full of what I can only describe as "spunk" and some would call "vinegar" since the day we brought him home. He has a habit of talking with his teeth (aka, he's a bit mouthy). That's all fine and good when he's… Continue reading When Perseverance Pays Off

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When Rewriting Becomes Writing New Scenes

There are many points in this draft where I find myself writing a scene for the very first time. My novel previously had a much different focus, I think, than it's turning toward now. This showed up by the end of the novel in my previous draft. That means that now I have scenes that… Continue reading When Rewriting Becomes Writing New Scenes

Updates, Work-in-Progress, Writing Process

Rewriting is Scary, You Guys!

I've finished the first chapter of my rewrite! Let's celebrate that for a quick second, always stop to celebrate right? I'm also ALMOST to the 5,000 word mark and well into the second chapter. (let's be honest I'm only just past 4,000 but still) My rewrite of this novel has some major shifting of scene… Continue reading Rewriting is Scary, You Guys!

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Most Writing Days Look the Same

Most writing days look exactly the same. They are typing, reading, typing some more, brainstorming, and more typing. Honestly, it's super fun but gets monotonous if you don't like your story. To be honest, it gets monotonous even if you really love your story. It's a sad truth that at some point you probably will… Continue reading Most Writing Days Look the Same