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Revision Diaries: What I’m taking away from the 10-week intensive

I have learned so much from my time in the Next Draft Intensive Course with Caroline Donahue. Not only did I learn about the revision process, but I learned so much about how I work around this creative process as well. The biggest takeaway I had from this entire 10-week course was that I have… Continue reading Revision Diaries: What I’m taking away from the 10-week intensive

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Revision Diaries: A writing community is so important!

My internal critic is having a party with the pace of my current revision. My Critic loves to tell me I'm behind everyone else and that I'm going slow. The best defense against this has been a writing community. As writers we are solitary creatures, but that does not mean we don't need the support… Continue reading Revision Diaries: A writing community is so important!

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Trying New Plotting Styles

When I wrote the first draft of Clipped Wings (Work-in-Progress 2) my plotting style was, I admit, non-existent. But, with the necessity of seeing it all laid out for me, I’ve found it necessary to outline this next draft. I’ve learned a few things from outlining that my previous “pantser” lifestyle didn’t allow. The first, background… Continue reading Trying New Plotting Styles

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Revision Revelations

I had two big revelations over the course of about 12 hours regarding two separate books. One, my work-in-progress that I had set aside to be completely reworked and re-imagined. The other about my current project that is in revisions. Work-in-Progress 2 (Clipped Wings) As I fell asleep one night, I had the first revelation.… Continue reading Revision Revelations

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Living and Learning

Working on one writing project was beginning to feel redundant, monotonous, and (dare I say) boring. Until I found what I was trying to say. I started this project last May, or rather I learned my main character's name. The first draft was finished near the end of September. Writing so quickly was like a… Continue reading Living and Learning