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New serial on Radish Fiction is out now!

It's live! My sports romance is now running on Radish Fiction. New episodes get launched every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm CT. What's it about? Off the field and into the music. Amelia Russo lives for the soccer season. With her widower father as the soccer coach, it's a 24/7 lifestyle. The high school team… Continue reading New serial on Radish Fiction is out now!

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My deadline approaches

Sure, my deadline is self-inflicted, but it still means a lot to me. I plan to have my new story starting its release on the Radish Fiction app during the month of March. So far I plan two episodes per week. I'll be putting the first 7 up right away so that you can read… Continue reading My deadline approaches

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Dreaming big while scared

I've been having some trouble lately letting myself dream big. I've got a lot of "aspirations" around writing and books, but I'm so scared to go after them because of money-related reasons. I think it comes from many different things, but the one that is very clear to me is that I'm terrified of putting… Continue reading Dreaming big while scared

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When the inner critic changes tactics

The inner critic will often tell you what you're doing is terrible or not worth it or various other versions of "no, don't do it." But, what happens when that critic changes tactics? Recently, I've been so exhausted when I sit down to write or think about my books. I'll be able to go do… Continue reading When the inner critic changes tactics

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Storyboarding and editing – What it looks like

I'm making my way through my edits. So far I've gotten through Chapters 1-6. I'm almost through Act I of the three-act structure. My current editing process is: Read through the scene Note what's missing or needs to change Write out a scene card for each in the chapter Actually make the edits Read through… Continue reading Storyboarding and editing – What it looks like