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Progress on My TBR Reading

We’ve already made it through Q1 of 2021! Woo! Let’s check in on how I’m doing on reading the 40 books that were sitting on my TBR shelf and see if I added any to it (spoiler: yes I have).

What I’ve Read:

I changed my challenge to 50 after realizing I was DEVOURING books this year and not just those on my TBR. The “moods” that I like have stayed pretty consistent – I like adventurous, lighthearted books.
No shocks here. I have issues finishing longer books but I’ve actually gotten through two 500+ page books now! Otherwise I like short, happy books. The pace seems irrelevant right now.
This is my biggest callout. I have a TON of fantasy books on my TBR. There are only a few nonfiction I’m planning to read so I’ll need to find a few more of those. I’m a sucker for manga and they’re so easy to read.
Look at that chart! I think the pages bar is more shocking than the books read one. Honestly, this is making me really happy because I’m reading what I want to read.

How many books do I have left?

I’ve read 7.5/40 of the books. Which means that 9 of the books I read were NOT on my TBR…whoops! But still 7 in 3 months is pretty good! I’ve got 9 more months (38ish weeks) to finish the other 32.5 books (yeah I’m halfway through one of them). I’m still kind of bad at math but I think that’s about 1 book per week or 3.5 books per month. So far, I’ve been doing more than that so I’m pretty confident right now.

Here’s what I’ve read off my list so far, if you’re interested! I’m halfway through Cress, hence the .5 😛

I’m a little more confident about it so I guess about 40% confidence level? The reason it’s not higher is because a lot of the books I have left are pretty big. I’m saving a few smaller ones to spread out here and there between the chonkers because oh boy (Murakami’s “1Q84” is on the shelf…that sucker is so big they split it into three books).

I’m doing really well at reading versus just sitting on social media, but there are some days where dog videos are just necessary. And sometimes, I just like to play video games instead.

What are you reading? How is your reading challenge going?

Happy Reading!


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