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Q2 Reading: Challenge Complete

Wow, I've been reading a lot more than usual. Mostly, I got hooked on a manga series and read all 11 books in the course of a month. Do I count manga in my reading challenge count? Absolutely! It's still a story and a LOT of work goes into creating them. Here are the charts!… Continue reading Q2 Reading: Challenge Complete

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Reading Goal Achieved; Writing Goals…Not so much

I've completed my 30-book reading goal already... How? Well, I read an 11-book manga series and a number of other graphic novels. Your next question might be, how many "books" have you read, e.g. novels? 7 "books" if you want to be specific. But I have read 30 stories and that's what we're going with.… Continue reading Reading Goal Achieved; Writing Goals…Not so much

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Reading Slump – Q1 Reading Roundup

I am in the WORST reading slump right now. Maybe it's because my imagination is occupied by the book rewrite and plotting. Who knows why slumps happen? Some say that it's because of challenges and stressors in our lives which make it harder to concentrate. Have I marathoned the second season of Bridgerton? Yes. Have… Continue reading Reading Slump – Q1 Reading Roundup