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Reading Goal Achieved; Writing Goals…Not so much

I’ve completed my 30-book reading goal already…

How? Well, I read an 11-book manga series and a number of other graphic novels. Your next question might be, how many “books” have you read, e.g. novels? 7 “books” if you want to be specific. But I have read 30 stories and that’s what we’re going with. So now I am free to read at my standard, slow pace and read whatever the heck I want with reckless abandon.

I do have a side goal to read 22 “novels” this year…but that’s just being very specific and thinking very highly of myself.

On another note, my writing goals feel like they’re kind of lazily floating about right now. Sure, I have great stints of writing when I do sit down to write, but otherwise I’m just…content to whatever pace is happening. I have pretty much resigned myself to this pace I’m going. Maybe next month I’ll have some great urge to challenge myself to write a novel in a month, but it certainly won’t be this rewrite (I don’t think).

It’s definitely the summer vibes that are going around. It’s too hot to do anything other than read some good books and watch some good movies from the comfort of my air-conditioned living room. I write when I feel inclined to and make sure to hit far over my little word counter’s expectation of me so that the next time I sit down it’s not heinously upsetting.

It is most definitely Summer.

Happy Writing!


P.S. I most definitely feel the air of a writing challenge coming on. Like how in winter you go slightly stir crazy. Expect me to report back that I have somehow found myself in the midst of a month-long “write-every-day” thing or something of that nature. It’s been known to happen to me around July.

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