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Reading Goal Achieved; Writing Goals…Not so much

I've completed my 30-book reading goal already... How? Well, I read an 11-book manga series and a number of other graphic novels. Your next question might be, how many "books" have you read, e.g. novels? 7 "books" if you want to be specific. But I have read 30 stories and that's what we're going with.… Continue reading Reading Goal Achieved; Writing Goals…Not so much

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Reading Goals and Disappointment

As of the time I'm writing this I am 6 books behind meeting my reading goal for 2021. My goal was 50 books. I think I've got it in me to maybe finish 2 more if I'm dedicated, but realistically I think it's most likely going to just be one. This sits me at a… Continue reading Reading Goals and Disappointment

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TBR Progress – Quarter 2!

When I started the year, I had 40 books on my TBR shelf to read. Recently, I purged a couple that I knew I wouldn't get to/had no interest in reading any more, which brings the new total to 38. Out of that many I have now read a grand total of 11! 11/38 is… Continue reading TBR Progress – Quarter 2!