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TBR Progress – Quarter 2!

When I started the year, I had 40 books on my TBR shelf to read. Recently, I purged a couple that I knew I wouldn’t get to/had no interest in reading any more, which brings the new total to 38. Out of that many I have now read a grand total of 11! 11/38 is about 29% of the way through at halfway through the year. You know what that means?

Yes. I am behind.

But, let’s look at what’s more interesting. I have read 32 books this year.

I set my goal to 50 with the intention of reading mostly my TBR-shelf.

In the grand scheme of my reading history, that’s a lot of books. I didn’t set the rule of ONLY reading my TBR-shelf but just that I needed to read at least a book or two from it during the month to balance when I read other things. I’m pretty pleased that that has only pushed my reading further.

I had a huge spike in May when nothing was really going on and I powered through some graphic novels, but this past month was a big slump for me.

To finish the last 27 books of my TBR I’ll need to read about 4.5 books per month over the next 6 months. I’ve averaged around 3 to 5 so far so it should be doable, but again, I don’t just read what’s on my TBR so it really is anyone’s guess at this point.

So what was included in the 32 books so far? Let’s check it out! (Graphs from

The Books:

What makes me laugh about this is that if I had just stuck to my TBR I would be 4 books away from finishing this challenge. But, I think I wouldn’t have finished it that way. I would have gotten bored of the books I was reading and stopped reading. I’m having way more fun this way and finding so many more stories I like this way.

We’ll see what the rest of the year brings for my reading journey and if I can finish off my shelves. Until then, here’s what they’re looking like now:

I’ve also bought books though because I am weak:

There’s only 11 there and one is a friend-loan so…that’s not THAT bad right?

If I were to read everything I had on these shelves starting now…that’d be 70 books at the end of the year! That’s insane for me!

How are your reading challenges/goals going? Any slumps you’re still trying to get over? Was it caused by a really great book or a really bad book?

Happy Reading!

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