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Busy, busy, busy … But what about creating?

Things happen when life gets busy. Maybe I’m busy with work, or busy with social plans, or maybe even just a major life change happens and it takes a lot of time. Obviously, when that busyness takes over, hobbies and “extra” activities have to be put down for a while.

I do not believe this for several reasons.

This, however, doesn’t work for me.

Creating is like practicing good mental health for me. When I don’t write or read or create, I get…off balance. If I don’t treat my Creative Self to some kind of stimulation, it’s like I’m ignoring it, or pushing it down. The rebound of it is visceral, painful, and not pleasant to anyone around me. Usually, I get very sensitive, very anxious, and it culminates in some type of anxiety or panic attack. (Am I oversharing? Probably, but mental health is an important topic and I know somebody out there can benefit from this like I could have).

My mental health depends on getting some kind of “me time” in a creative way. Whether that is reading a book, watching a show I enjoy, spending time on my book, brainstorming new ideas, or just working on something that my Creative Self gets some kind of spark from. Basic relaxation from the overstimulation of being busy, but better because my Critical Self still feels like it’s productive. Tricky, tricky.

I don’t believe that I have to stop doing this when I get busy.

Why? Because it’s essential to my health.

It is not a “luxury,” it is a necessity. I know it may seem that way to many, but your recharge may be different. For some, it can be found in gardening, cooking, or a good hour at the gym. To me, it’s a few chapters read of a book, building a moodboard for a new idea, or daydreaming out a new scene.

The past couple of weeks have been hard for me as the guilt I’ve had for sitting still has been bigger than the pull that I need to prioritize my Creative Self.

We moved. I absolutely love our new place! It fills me with so much joy to drive into our new neighborhood, drive up the driveway, see my plants on the porch. I love the inside, the feel of the layout, the space we now have to breathe! But there are so many projects. And so much to do that feels like it needs to be done before we can settle into our routines.

But that’s not true! It will take years! And that’s okay!

So, after a very stern self-talking-to (some care from the loving S.O. as well), I let myself do nothing. I let myself read a book and watch shows. I let my Creative Self feel out the new space too.

I haven’t figured out how to introduce my Creative Self into this new realm of “projects,” but we’ll get there. Also, I need to get back to writing. Might help if I set up my writing space in a way I can use it most creatively.

Any advice for getting your new writing space set up? What do you guys do to re-integrate your writing routine into a new life?

Happy Creating!


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