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Entering the Rewriting Part of Revisions

Almost halfway through my novel revisions and I can definitely say I have entered the “rewrite” territory of some chapters and scenes. What I’ve found surprising about this is that instead of having no direction and losing my way, I’m actually MORE sure that I know what needs to be said.

I’ve found myself changing my mind about what is on the original page and saying, “no that’s not what would happen between these two scenes,” and changing it up. And the new stuff works better, feels better, and is emotionally charged in a way I couldn’t have planned if I tried (or was maybe better planned this time around).

Having taken full stock of each chapter, what it needs, and what it does, before even starting this revision is starting to show. I love it! Is it fun every single time I sit down to write? No…but it is still fulfilling. I’m not having any problems hitting my tiny 400-word goal which used to feel insignificant. Now, I feel like it makes leaps and bounds in each chapter.

Some days I can sit a little longer and get more like 600 – 800 maybe even 1,000 words out when I’m fully rewriting a scene or a chapter. Sometimes, it’s still a struggle to hit the 400. Some weeks I write almost every day, others I’m lucky if I get one day in because I’m just feeling tired and unmotivated.

This project still feels like it’s something special. Like it’s something I NEED to finish. So I’m going to!

When I’m officially halfway, maybe I’ll share a few more details about the book. Answer some questions, and share a few more previews. I need to get through some of the harder scenes first though. Unfortunately, those are RIIIIIIGHT before the middle. That squishy, squishy middle.

Hope your creative projects are going well!

Happy Writing!


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