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Q2 Reading: Challenge Complete

Wow, I’ve been reading a lot more than usual. Mostly, I got hooked on a manga series and read all 11 books in the course of a month. Do I count manga in my reading challenge count? Absolutely! It’s still a story and a LOT of work goes into creating them.

Here are the charts!

I have been in a huge slump for what to read. I’m almost addicted to the lighthearted romances at this point. There’s something so calming about knowing the story isn’t going to go off the rails and have too much disappointment in it. I’m not going to try and hide the fact that I’m loving this style of book.

You might think, “Rachel, you’re a writer. You should be reading more literature to improve your writing.” Nah! Reading is for fun first. Also, I’m still getting a ton of creative fuel from these types of books. Maybe even more because I’m loving what I’m reading. I can tell you when something works in the book for me as a reader and when it’s just…bad.

I come at writing as a reader first. My reading, obviously, isn’t always going to be approached with the writer’s brain. Yes, sometimes I read some “literature” for the purpose of getting more lyrical writing and veiled metaphors. More often than not, I’m just reading for the fun of it. The fact of the matter is that I get something out of every book that I read, no matter the genre, format, or writing style. First and foremost to me is the story. If that doesn’t interest me, then I honestly stall out and take months to read the book.

Read what you love. Chances are you’ll read more that way.

Happy Reading!


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