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Slow and Steady Finishes the Book…right?

So…I went against what I said I would do (surprise surprise). I said I would work on another idea for the month of July. Instead, I went crazy and decided to do Camp Nanowrimo for my revision.

Did I get a lot of writing done? Yes! Did I also need a week-long break last week for unknown reasons? Yup…though the reason is probably cranking out 1600 words on average for each writing session. For reference, I usually get around 500 words per sit. So, that’s almost three times what I usually write! Which is a lot.

I’m fighting that pang of anxiety recently about never getting my book done. I try to tell myself that the only way it won’t get done is if I stop writing. You know, like how I stopped writing all last week…

I’m back to my slow and steady pace, but I might try and get a couple of really hefty days in there sometimes. I’ve proven that I CAN write more in a sitting. I just can’t do that every single day in the week or I’ll burn out.

One thing I am loving is doing challenges on social media. I did a reading challenge and currently a camp nano challenge. It’s really fun developing the images and thinking about what I want to share about the current novel. It’s also been a HUGE inspiration for my scenes. I can reference back to the images I’ve pinned and shared.

All in all, I’m back to slow and steady while fueling myself creatively with social media challenges. Someday soon I’ll have another book to share with the world, but I’m trying not to worry too much about the pace.

Do you write at a certain pace every writing session? Are you feeling the bookish anxiety that is getting your idea out there?

Happy Writing!


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