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Losing CampNano wasn’t really a loss

Camp Nanowrimo 2022 is over. I only managed to write 12,810 words out of my goal of 40,000. But, I’m actually okay with this. I have nearly 13,000 new words in my novel and honestly, I don’t think I would have written that much in a month if I hadn’t at least tried this challenge again.

Almost halfway is still pretty good!

I have to keep reminding myself that writing is not a competition. It’s more like a marathon; I’m only competing with myself and the distance I have to go. Even finishing is an accomplishment!

I’m taking another month of social media cool-off. I’ve found myself getting too roped into the endless scroll and not really staying present with my life and own feelings. I’m not planning a full “ban” for myself, but just a “hey this is a fun platform and a tool, not a daily need.” I’m thinking maybe weekends? We’ll see.

I’m hoping to focus a bit more on getting into some habits that are good for me (as always). Most importantly to the book, I’m hoping to get back into a writing routine.

We’ll see how some additional focus does me this month.

Happy Writing!


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