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Let’s talk about reading challenges

I made my own challenge this year (much like I did last year) to read more of the books I already have. I started 2022 with 32 books I hadn’t read yet in my collection…

I’ve read 2 so far…

I’m not TOO grumpy about this because I’ve read a total of 34 books so far this year. But if you look at that number, alongside the number of books I was hoping to read that I already had in my collection, you can see that I would have definitely done it if I stuck to my challenge. 😛

Last year, I had a similar challenge to face the 36 books that I owned and read 14. So, apparently, I just can’t do reading challenges. Ha!

I think my main issue with challenges like this is that I’m being told to do something. “But Rachel, you told YOURSELF to read those books.” Yes…yes, I did. And I’m a rebel even against myself.

There are still 4.5 months in the year, and I’m confident I can still get a few of them in. I just need to stop buying new books or borrowing them from friends and family who are always so confident I will like a book. Not only am I a heinously slow reader, but when I’m a mood reader it’s a matter of chance that I’ll want to read something specific.

On being a mood reader

Okay, here’s another key piece. I’m a mood reader. Meaning a book will either be read by me in 2 days or 2 years…almost literally. Sometimes they just never end up being read (sad but true).

What is a mood reader? Well, somebody who selects a book to read and more importantly reads it by the mood they’re in. Think of somebody going to a library and just saying “I want a lighthearted romance with a heist,” and the librarian gets them one and they immediately devour it and come back for more. OR they get the book, take it home, don’t read it right away, and by the time they feel like reading again they either don’t want to read the one they got or read it in a reading marathon.

So, there is a very high chance I will like the books my family and friends give to me. However, there is a small chance of it being EXACTLY the book to fit the mood I’m in. Will I read them? Yes! Will I read them quickly? Probably not. (You’ll get your books back guys I promise…it’s just gonna be a bit.) I still appreciate the thought and when people know what kind of books I like. 🙂

Are you a mood reader? Do you have a lot of books you bought during a certain mood that didn’t last long enough for you to read them?

Happy Reading!


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