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7 Scenes Left to Rewrite

I am nearing the end of my novel rewrite! 7 scenes to go!

When I say “scenes” this could be loosely translated to mean the start and resolution of a specific event. Basically, I set each scene up with a motive, a conflict, and a resolution. Motives mean goals of the character or scene – think story beats. Conflicts should be pretty obvious, but could mean whatever makes tension in the scene. And resolution, meaning there is a beat to continue the story on, it’s the next decision the character has to make.

How many scenes do I have per chapter? That really depends. I could be 1 chunky one or 3 little ones. On average for this book, I’ve seen a lot of 2 scene chapters. I’m guessing I’ll hit about 4 to 5 more chapters with this?!

How many words are each scene? Again, it depends. Chunky ones are nearly 3,000 and little ones are usually just under 1,000 words. Average it again and that’s about 1,500 to 2,000 words per scene. Let’s assume 2,000 words across the board and I’ve only got 10k to 12k words left. I’m at about 55,000 words now, so my book will be a shy 67k.

Since I was aiming for 80k, I’m not mad at this.

There are 10 additional scenes between the story scenes where I’m going to be doing some fun things. I can either make up the extra 13k there or even leave it be since I know I’ll be doing another edit/rewrite after this draft.

If this were a marathon, I would be running downhill now. Am I tired? Heck, yes. Am I going to stop? Hopefully not. But seeing the end in sight makes it seem doable again.

I’m going to finish this draft. Then, take a short break before it’s time for one last major editing draft.

Happy Writing!


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