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What comes next for the novel?

I’m so excited! I only have 4 scenes left or 2-3 chapters! If I can get in some good days of writing I should finish by the end of the weekend!

What comes next?

After this revision is complete, I’m going to set the project aside for at least 2 weeks. This will let everything settle in my mind so I’m not going in with preconceived notions of how the book should be or is. Once the two weeks are up, I’ll re-read it again. Probably twice like I did with the previous draft. Then it’s another round of developmental edits to make sure the plot is solid, makes sense, and scenes don’t feel repetitive.

After that revision come the “line edits,” where I dig down into the writing and make it smooth. I’ll probably use a combination of careful reading and editing software. OR I’ll pass it on to an editor? But that’s if I’m feeling brave enough to take my hands off the wheel.

Will I start writing something else?

Heck, yeah!

Whether it’s my soccer story or something shiny and new, I plan to write more drafts. Maybe even finish a couple short stories?

I can do anything!

Happy Writing!


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