Creativity Craves Different Things

I didn’t read much this month…but I did consume a lot of media. I’m tackling a huge 800+ page book right now and the length makes me sometimes not want to read it.

This month my Creative craved visual media more than written media.

Honestly, I don’t really think too hard about how the visual media is different than the written media. It’s fun and I need the break from reading sometimes. But, if we’re going to break it down, I’ve got a few ideas.


I love fast paced, adventure tales – give me a heist, give me a quest, give me a superhuman with some impossible feat. Much like my taste in books, my taste in movies and TV shows is somewhere between medium and fast paced.

I think that visual media like tv and movies can develop a great sense of pacing. For example, watching people eat breakfast with absolutely no purpose would be boring, but putting in the tension, underlying emotion, or dialogue can make it into a very interesting scene. You get emotion from pacing, you get intensity from pacing, and I think visual media does such a good job of offering examples of that.


While books offer subtlety with symbolism (usually), visual media lets you see it. Color symbolism is my favorites. One of my favorite kdramas uses the color red throughout to symbolize fate, like the red string of fate but also the god of fate wears red. Coloring in shows is also one of those things that fascinates me because when they get really detailed the colors they make stand out really shows what they want you to focus on (sometimes I like cinematography when I consume my junk food media thanks!).


I’m a sucker for a great plotline, but characters are the make or break. If I find media with characters I care about and a plotline that makes me concerned for them, I will stick with it. Visual media just takes that to another level. There’s something about seeing the emotions play out on a character’s face that makes it just that extra level of real. I love characters that I can relate to in some way, even if it’s in a small basic emotional level.

These are the things that I try to take away from my media consumption when I’m actually paying attention. Sure, there are the shows I just watch to have fun. But, hey, there’s a reason why I like them more than other things.

In some way I want to be able to pull those things into my own works – the pacing, the symbolism, the emotionally-gripping characters. Hopefully I can keep learning and be somebody else’s source of creative fuel someday.

What visual media do you use for creative fuel? Have you been taking a break from reading too?

Happy Creating!


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