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TBR Progress – Quarter 3!

I’ve read 38 books so far this year! Last quarter I was at 32. That’s only 4 more books in three months, where at one point I read 4 books in one month. I am definitely slowing down.

What’s worse is that my TBR progress is way way down. I’ve only read 12 of the now 36 books on my TBR. (Yes, I have purged more from the shelf because I like to be realistic about which ones I actually want to read). For the number fans, that’s 33% of my TBR. 1/3. That’s really not that bad. But, seeing as I was hoping to blank out the shelf…I’m not really nailing this goal.

However, let’s not discount the other 26 books I’ve consumed. Because those are still contributing to the greater ecosystem of my imagination and fueling my creativity. We love creative fuel!

On to the Charts!

Light-hearted, emotional adventures are still my favorites. Throw in a little mystery and humor and I am guaranteed to love the book. Still not huge on slow-paced books, or 500+ pagers.

This is my favorite chart by far. I read a lot by Alice Oseman over the past couple of months which covers some of the YA/LGBTQIA+ genres. That author is a gem! Really recommend anything by Oseman, so much heart in every character. (I’m currently reading Solitaire by Alice Oseman and it is a nostalgic, angsty teen delight). And of course, fantasy makes up the majority of my shelf, because I love a little magic. I also hit a point in late summer where all I wanted was a fluffy romance…because who doesn’t love a feel-good romance sometimes?

This one really shows you how much I slowed down. Since buying our house in early July, then getting our puppy this month, there really hasn’t been too much time where I’m finding myself sitting and reading (I’m usually sleeping tbh). Beyond that, I also hit a book that took up a couple of weeks and I ended up dropping altogether. The pages counted in my September reads, but not the overall book.

As always, charts are from which is a fantastic alternative to Goodreads if you’re looking for one (you can even export your GR data and put it into the storygraph so that you don’t lose anything…shhh). I will continuously sing its praises and how it continues to improve.

The Books

The most recently read books are closer to the top of this stack. Honestly, the whole first row is pretty solid! Maybe that’s why I’m in a bit of a reading slump? I keep reading great books. Hahaha.

Am I confident I can finish my TBR before the end of the year? Ahahaha…no. BUT, I think I can read a couple more (maybe like one per month) before the year is out. So, maybe 15 total by end of December? It’d be really cool to go for 18 and get to a nice clean half way point.

Overall reading-wise, I see a good pace of 2-3 books per month coming through in these charts and that is wonderful in my eyes. Some reading is better than no reading!

Are you reaching your reading goals? Do you like making reading goals? Are you now laughing at yourself for thinking you could hit an arbitrary number you set in the beginning of the year like I am?

Happy Reading!


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