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A Year of Posts to Prove Myself Wrong

Happy New Year!

If you’ve been following me since last January, you may have noticed that I have posted almost every Monday for a year! In doing so, I have proven myself wrong on one very important account – I CAN be consistent with something for a long stretch of time. More importantly, consistent in a writing endeavor. This was an unspoken “resolution” I had last year.

Originally I set out to blog about my reading but quickly came to the realization that I had more to say about the journey of my writing process. Since I didn’t want to corner myself too much into one topic, I did both. I have so many aspects of my creative life happening all the time that it seemed silly to not show how reading effects my writing and vice versa.

So, here’s to more blog posts. I may not hit every single Monday, but at least I know now that I can be consistent.

An update about my reading challenge! I did not get to 45 (whoops!). For 2022, I’m setting my reading goal at 30 for my 30th birthday this year! I thought about 22 for 2022, but that seemed too small and I wanted to challenge myself a little bit.

Did you make an unspoken resolution? How about a spoken one? How did you do?

Happy New Year!


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