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Reading Slump – Q1 Reading Roundup

I am in the WORST reading slump right now. Maybe it’s because my imagination is occupied by the book rewrite and plotting. Who knows why slumps happen? Some say that it’s because of challenges and stressors in our lives which make it harder to concentrate. Have I marathoned the second season of Bridgerton? Yes. Have I finished the book I started in the beginning of March? No. As a mood reader, I’m having a really hard time finding anything captivating beyond a couple days except graphic novels. Story and pictures in one; I love it.

The worst part about a reading slump is getting super excited about the summary of a book, and knowing that in any normal time it would be a great book that you’d fly through, but simply not reading it. Like, it sits on the nightstand for weeks. Unread and forlorn.

I’m trying very very hard not to hold anything against the books that don’t hold my interest right now. They are definitely good books that match what I want, I’m still reading them after all! I just…am even slower at reading than usual.

The Books

Two audiobooks and four graphic novels in my stack so far. One more teeny, tiny non-fiction about dogs. It’s been a rough start to the reading year, my friends. I put down one novel and am struggling through another. Both very good reads, but just not paced right to get me through my slump.

What do the stats say?

7 books of my 30 book goal. Seems like I’m doing good so far right? But 992 pages seems low for 7 books, yeah? That’s because I’ve been choosing smaller books and graphic novels to keep my love of story satiated.
As always, adventurous and lighthearted are at the top of the list! I might lean into those to break my slump.
Here’s where you see my clear preference these past few months coming through. Fast-paced books. I’m surprised that the page number is as high as it is, but you’ll see there’s no 500+ on there. Nope, not today.
Healthy split between fiction and non-fiction. Most of the non-fiction was at the start of the year when I tried to start with a “bettering” ideal.
Clearly, I’m still loving YA. I’m just such a sucker for a coming-of-age story. Also, I find the pacing much more my speed. So, I still dabble.
Love audio books during a gym session, so there’s a healthy split here too.
And here you can see right where my slump hit. It’s like a visual “ouch.” I tried to stave it off but I think it’s going to take some real joy reading to get me through it. So hang on for some real wild reads coming in on my year.

I hope your reading is going better than mine. I’m going to try “Joy Reading” for a while and simply read whatever I want. That might include a whole bunch of graphic novels, some steamy romances, or maybe just a bunch of YA fantasy. Who knows? I’m a mood reader and it’s time I come to terms with it.

How’s your reading going? Are you in a slump? How do you get out of your reading slumps?

Happy Reading!


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