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Writing is My Escape

My friends and I started writing our stories down when it began apparent to us that it was no longer acceptable to act them out on the playground. We passed notebooks in the breaks between classes and devoured each others' fictional worlds. Notes were scribbled and cramped into margins. Those notebooks were passed around so… Continue reading Writing is My Escape

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Reading Like A Writer

Every writer, or aspiring writer, has heard the phrase "read like a writer." To me, that means to read with a curiosity of how the author accomplished the story they created. If the characters resonated with you, why? If the story struck a certain chord, how? If you thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the story,… Continue reading Reading Like A Writer

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What if I read only what’s on my TBR shelf?

I have 40 books on my fiction to-be-read (TBR) shelf. More if I count the ones I'm currently reading, the memoirs, and classics I keep for those "one day" moments. (Yeah, even I have those kinds of books). But the constant carousel that is the TBR shelf has 40 books, so I'll start there. I've… Continue reading What if I read only what’s on my TBR shelf?