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Books of 2020

I read 39 books in 2020. This is definitely a new high for my adult life. So what do those books include? Well, here’s a look into my reading.

The Books

Some of these books are audiobooks. I have a long drive to work and a great story can make it seem so much shorter. Some books have been suggested to me or are for our family book club. I definitely have favorites — Spinning Silver, Gideon, Beach Read, Cinder, and Educated would hit my top 5 for the year.

The Data

I used 2 different apps to track my reading habits in 2020 – Goodreads and Storygraph. For the data nerds out there, Storygraph offers an in-depth look into reading habits and preferences based on what you’re reading. Here’s what mine says about the books above.

Storygraph offers a graphical breakdown of your reading habits, which is pretty cool for a nerd like me. You can see that this year I liked light-hearted, fast-paced adventures.
I really can’t get through huge tomes over 500 pages. This year I was really trying to spread out my fiction and nonfiction. I’m pretty happy with the slice I managed to give nonfiction, but I know I can do better.
Now, for the fascinating graph — the genre breakdown. I have obvious favorites. I’d love to read more memoir and contemporary in 2021, but my writing genre is fantasy and romance so I’m not at all mad at this.


I’m looking forward to reading even more this year as I’ve learned how and when I read best. I want to read even more broadly and maybe even get a 500+ page book in my 2021 graph. I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses in my adult life and in my writing life.

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