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What if I read only what’s on my TBR shelf?

I have 40 books on my fiction to-be-read (TBR) shelf. More if I count the ones I’m currently reading, the memoirs, and classics I keep for those “one day” moments. (Yeah, even I have those kinds of books). But the constant carousel that is the TBR shelf has 40 books, so I’ll start there.

The Math

I’m so bad at math. But if the year has 52 weeks and I have 40 books to read, that works out to about 1.3 books per week or 3-ish books per month. Obviously, some of these books are longer than others (note IQ84 which is split into 3 books it’s so long). Some will be faster reads, some will take me longer. Some I might even put down and never finish because I don’t like them. Who knows? I don’t because I haven’t even started reading them!

What I’m not doing

I’m not banning myself from buying new books. However, I am trying to be a bit more…conscientious of when I do buy them. Have I knocked off four books from the shelves and a new book that sounds amazing has just come out? Sure, I’ll buy it. But, maybe instead of propping it up on that shelf, I’ll read it right away.

Read like no-one is watching

I want to still track what I read on Goodreads and Storygraph. But, I might not track the page count or how quickly/slowly I read those books. To “read like no-one is watching” is very much like dancing like no-one is watching. If I’m not craving something on my TBR list, I might get something from the library instead. If I’m not feeling the book, I might stop reading it. There are no hard and fast rules to this. The only rule is to…read the books.

Tell me how many books you have in your TBR. Do you plan to tackle some of them this year? Do we overlap on any of them? Will you join me in my reading challenge?

I finished off a book from 2020 and got a book in the mail that I preordered that I was too excited for to put on the shelf. Oh boy, maybe I should change my challenge to 42 to be accurate?

Note: I’m terrible at challenges so my confidence rate in this is like…30% I’d say? Maybe I need to revisit my Digital Declutter to help with this.

Happy Reading!


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