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Do I have a genre?

When somebody asks what kind of genre my book is, I know how to answer. But when they ask what kind of genre I like to write, I hesitate.

I don’t want to lock myself in to one only to find myself writing something else for my next piece. I’m like a hermit crab that quickly grows tired of a shell they found. If something shiny strikes my literary fancy, I will pursue it. It’s not a question of me choosing a genre, it’s a question of whether I will stick to it.

I’ve always loved fantasy — magic and creatures and mythical lands. But, there’s also a huge soft spot I have for contemporary and it’s way of showing life in its raw form, without the filters of glittering new worlds. Maybe that’s why I like a story with a little bit of both, a little of the magic and the reality.

So please don’t ask my what genre I like to write. Because I don’t know. I write what comes to me, in the world it best fits. I favor a world of magic, but love a stint in the contemporary. Mystery alludes me, and romance intrigues me. Horror is not my forte, and westerns…haven’t really crossed my mind. Sci-Fi is a new curiosity in my reading life, and YA will always be an old friend. I don’t push any of them away though.

Who knows what genre the next story will fall in?

Do you have a genre you favor? Can you answer the question I never can?

Happy Writing!

2 thoughts on “Do I have a genre?”

  1. I’ve contemplated so many genres that I’m scared to publish any one of them for fear of how many pseudonyms I’d need in order to publish the rest 😆


    1. I think it depends how far you swing. If you’re publishing in generally the same “voice” that’s one thing, but if you’re really swinging hard then you’d need a couple different names yeah. 😛


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