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What an insatiable reading appetite really means.

Over the last 10 days, I’ve read 6 and a half books (7 so far in September). It’s tempting to say that they were just really good books, but I think there’s something else happening as well.

As I’ve said before, I’m a mood reader, which means that a book has to hit a certain mood, bring certain tropes, and keep a pace to fit whatever mood I’m in at the time. These books weren’t the most amazing literature I’ve ever read, but their tropes and pace made me ravenous for more. The trope du jour was a little bit of “hurt them and I’ll kill you” mixed with found family, magic, and a dash of looming danger.

Storygraph sees that as “adventurous, emotional, and dark” with a splash of “reflective, mysterious, and hopeful.” Those moods wrapped up in the fantasy and romance packaging makes it easier still to figure out.

As you can see, Fantasy is rocking my world right now. I also like my fantasy books to have a dash of romance, but it’s not completely necessary if the plot and world-building keep me interested.

When I say I couldn’t stop reading, I mean it. The books were all I could think about. Even though they might not have been that exciting for other people, they were exactly what I needed.

If you really want to know the books…here ya go:

So what does an insatiable reading appetite mean?

Well, for one, it means that my “creative fuel” for some themes or tropes was empty.

There needs to be a balance between using your creativity and fueling it. Sometimes, when we find a book series or show that’s just the right fuel, we end up marathoning the entire series. Or, if it’s just one book or movie, we watch it over and over again. Like when your kids will only watch one show or movie for months on end (like the Frozen phase, or for my childhood Mulan).

In my adult life, I have had a few things like that – Pride and Prejudice (2005 version), a Korean movie called Little Forest, and The Great British Baking Show.

The other option is that your inner child needs some fun. Like I said, you can see this type of refueling in a lot of kids when they want to rewatch the same thing over and over. That child is still somewhere in your mind. If you find you’re really into one thing at the moment, it could be your inner child saying that they REALLY like it and just need more time with it. (it could also be a sign of hyperfixation, but that’s a can of worms for another time)

What should you do about this type of refueling?

Lean into it! Let your inner child have some fun!

There’s nothing wrong with reading, watching, or doing the things you really want to do. Of course, as adults, we have to be a bit more conscious of the time we spend on these things. We can’t let it be all-consuming like we might have as kids. But, it’s not at all a bad thing to let yourself have fun. It will serve a purpose as your creative well is replenished.

For me, I find that I’ve gotten about 3 to 4 story ideas now floating around in my brain. Are they good ideas? Not sure, but I do know I didn’t have any idea what to do with myself after finishing my rewrite. This is clearly a response to finishing that massive project.

So, I’m going to ride this refueling wave as long as possible. It’s not often that I find myself so wrapped up in a book that I can’t put it down. Also, I’m just plain having fun 🙂

Happy Reading!


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