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When writing is hard, it’s time to refuel

There’s a lot to be said about taking a break from your projects. Especially when the project needs a mind that has forgotten the story’s finer points. Revision is strange. You spend so much time immersed in the world to fine-tune it, but then the best thing for the story is to give yourself distance from it.

I’ve been trying to write other things. Mainly working on a contemporary YA/NA romance. It’s been…difficult. I think a lot of the difficulty has to do with my creative well being empty.

Flashback to a couple weeks ago when I mentioned I’ve been devouring books. In September alone, I read 13 books. The shortest was 250 pages and the longest was 550! So, I wasn’t just skimming through tiny books. I refueled significantly.

So where has this left me? Well, I now have a very clear idea of what tropes I like and what will keep me reading like the book will be ripped away from me if I stop. I’m happy to report that I also was able to finish a couple chapters of my first draft of the contemporary story. Nothing like the right fuel for the machine.

Happy Writing!


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