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How is it already almost NaNoWriMo time?! I put out a poll on my instagram to try and help me decide what I should work on, a shiny new project or a draft in progress. I also gave the option that I could “wait until the last minute and do whatever I feel.” I kid you not, it was split nearly down the middle for which project to work on…with a few opting out with the “last minute” option.

I think I have made my decision, but what usually happens is I make a decision, do the prep work, and get all the way to the first day, and then…choose something else.

I’m going to ATTEMPT to finish my started draft. If nothing else, I’ll do the “Preptober” for it so that it’s all planned and ready to go.

What is Preptober?

Preptober is, of course, prepping in October. I’m joining the fun a bit late, but I already have a very loose plan. I’ve got about 24k words in the project. I am at the point where I need to sit down and plan out my scenes otherwise I’ll be left with a “squishy middle.”

I actually love this part of writing. It’s the part I feel is the most visual for me. By that I mean, each scene comes to me like it’s in a movie. It’s the time I make all my mood boards and collect character inspiration on Pinterest.

I love NaNoWriMo. It suits my writing style of just free-writing until I get what the book is about. Obviously, I’ve leveled up a bit since my first rodeo. Now I find that having a loose plan gets me further. It does not in any way hurt the freeness of the first draft. It encourages me to piece together the puzzle that’s in my mind with each step.

I AM SO EXCITED TO FINISH THE FIRST DRAFT! I might even do some blogging šŸ˜‰

Happy Writing!


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