2017 Wrap Up and Plans for 2018

Time sure does fly. I thought I would update this blog one more time before a new year starts and I feel like I’ve completely let something slip. So here’s a progress update on my projects and where I plan to go from here. Spoiler: They’re going really good! The One That De-Railed Me I’ve… Continue reading 2017 Wrap Up and Plans for 2018

Work-in-Progress 2

Reset and Refresh: New Projects

I'm just going to admit it. I started a new writing project. Also...I really love this new project. (Like I'm already 50,000 words into it...love it.) I have not given up on my former project, not even a little bit, but I have put it "on hold" for the time being. For me, it just… Continue reading Reset and Refresh: New Projects