Updates, Writing Process

What am I working on currently?

Well I definitely have a project going. I always have a writing project going. I finally finished a “zero” draft, or first draft if you’d prefer, of my current project. I’m affectionately calling it “The Magick Forest” right now, but I am not at all attached to that title.

Here’s the printed out draft (cover by me). I read through the whole thing and made notes, etc.

The premise:

A witch has been exiled to a magic forest and stripped of her powers as punishment for a crime against the Fae king she once served. She comes to have an unexpected and unwelcome guest.

Some of my theme topics — found family, supportive and healthy relationships, and learning your worth.

Originally, my main character had a beginning misbelief of “Failing someone makes you less valuable to them” but as I’ve written and rewritten I think it’s started to shift a bit. I will need to investigate that as I make my next read-through. Right now though, I’m focused on fixing the massive plot jumps and missing info that I’ve left for my readers in the first draft.

I’m still working on this project so things are pretty fluid with it right now. It is slowly taking a very real shape. Once it’s in it’s line edit phase, I’ll talk more about what this book means to me, and why I chose the theme and vibe I did for the book. Right now I’m at about 80,000 words of my hoped for 90,000. I still have a lot of smaller bits to rewrite and add, but I’m excited to see where it’s started and where it’s going.

I’m so close to finishing the next draft of this book.

Are any of you writing anything currently? Want to know anything specific about my project?

Happy Writing!


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