Writing Process

Getting Back Into A Balance

My writing “routine” has been off for quite a while. I’ve been ridiculously busy with work (excuse), I’ve been super tired because of the stress of it all (excuse), and I’m just out the habit (excuse). Not having time is an excuse. A huge one.

The first step to getting back to writing is actually make time for it. And that means, squeezing the five to fifteen minutes out of my days and not expecting hour long writing sessions every day.

I’ve got a wonderful writing night on Wednesday night with a few friends which gives me at least an hour, usually two of writing per week. There’s Red Oak Writing’s Roundtable which gives me a night of focusing on what’s working and what can be improved in my writing. There’s still the issue that my projects aren’t quite getting finished at the rate I’d like.

So, I need to get back to writing more often during the week, even just 15 minutes would be helpful. I think an after dinner writing session might suit me well. Getting a few words down before I sit down to veg-out in front of the T.V., and if I get one a roll I’ll keep writing.

Here’s to trying to get back to a balanced writing life.

What is your writing “routine?” Do you sit and write for a long time or short bursts?

Happy Writing!


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