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Rest and Revision

I rested last week. Well…I rested with my writing at least. Everything else was chaos as usual.

As it is for many people, winter is hard on me. I am like a houseplant with more complex emotions. I need sunlight, water, and a very specific space to thrive. Winter specifically deprives me of some of those. The sun sets earlier but rises later, and the air is so dry my poor lungs hurt stepping outside. The first month or two hit me the hardest, especially right after the time change of “daylight savings” ending. It gets really bad when I’m in the office three days per week with no view of the windows.

But, I’m learning I have to rest and treat myself with more care in those times. Like that houseplant, I need proper winter care. A humidifier for my skin, more water intake (plants actually need less in winter… just fyi), blankets so so many blankets, vitamin D for the sunlight I’m not getting, and still getting out for the walks with the doggo that used to be refreshing without the biting wind.

How does this relate to my revision?

I haven’t felt like writing or revising this past week. So, instead I’ve been fueling up creatively. As a treat for finishing up my scene cards I’m reading a novel that’s been on my TBR shelf since 2019. It is beautifully written and wildly confusing so far, but I think it’s supposed to be so that’s exciting?

The good news is that it looks like rest ACTUALLY WORKS because I want to write real bad this week. I want to work on like three different projects now which is unhelpful, but excellent.

What are your ways of getting through the winter season? Do you have a go to refuel technique for your creativity?

Happy Writing!


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