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Revision Diaries: Meaningful Milestone on the Manageable Map!

I have finished my scene cards! YAYY!

Before that I took the time to sketch out a “meaningful but manageable” steps map. This map, as I’ve shown in a previous blog post regarding another part of the process, highlights the steps needed to get to a specific point in the process of the project. Doesn’t matter what project you’re actively working on, whether creative or not, writing or not, it’s helpful to see the meaningful but manageable steps to get there. (Hint: start from where you want to go and work backwards to where you are currently.)

I’ve already stickered two other steps. Andrew (the bf) made good on the treats too. A cinnamon roll and breakfast sandwich from my favorite bakery were SO GOOD! (for the record, he offered since he also knows I’m bad at treating myself and he’s a very supportive partner).

After that, I went back to work on my cards, working from my manuscript evaluation spreadsheet to write down what needs to be in each scene. I work in a “headlights” style drafting where I know the Motive, Conflict, and Resolution of each scene. On the back is also “What It Needs” based on what the scene might not have had from the previous draft. I might go through and add vibes or themes or overall feelings I want to portray while in the scene as well. We’ll see.

I put them up on the wall to be able to get a full view of the plot structure and more easily move things around. They didn’t stay there, although they could have. I’ll be inputting them into Scrivener for a virtual approach. It was nice to have the physical cards for structuring though.

What Next?

Well, according to my map, I GET TO START WRITING STUFF!!!

Okay, I have to do some admin stuff like creating the Scrivener document and organizational blah blah blah like that, but THEN I get to start writing stuff!

This time it’s not purely from scratch. The writing will happen with my manuscript by my side for reference, but not for exact copying. I’m aiming for a better version, not a copy with some small changes. That comes later.

This is my developmental revision. It’s messy and time-consuming. But, it’s been the most eye-opening experience into my writing process. I love a loosey-goosey first draft writing style, so this structured approach to revision is really helping me solve some problems. So here’s to moving on to the writing part of the re-writing! I didn’t think I’d get to this point.

How are you celebrating your milestones? Do you have a meaningful but manageable map? Would you make one?

Happy Writing!


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