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Starting Slow is Okay Too

Do you have this strange guilt around the New Year? If you’re not starting new, starting over, or making plans, maybe you’re failing at something?

I’ve had that guilt so many times. This year, however, despite having certain goals for 2023 that I was hoping to kick off or continue, I COULD NOT start on January 1st. Why? Covid…

Yup, it finally got our household. Right at the end of the year/beginning of this year. All things considered, it was a very mild case, like a bad head cold. However, this did make me have to reconsider the hype around New Year’s Day as THE day.

I was super jealous of people that got to start their plans right away. But, it also made me take a step back and ask myself if I just wanted to start something because of the new year or because I actually want to start it. I still have big goals for this year, but I’m okay with taking my time to start.

Part of that is the reason I pushed the release date of my next Radish serial. I wanted to get it up and running right away in January. However, even the best-made plans need to be changed sometimes. I am pushing it until March. I want to get a bit further in my edits of it so that you all can read the best version.

There are still a few plot holes and some work on character motivations I want to get through. Since this serial will follow a character with synesthesia, so I want to make sure there are good descriptions and the “vibes” right. She sees sounds as colors, and since she is in Choir for the first time ever (not by choice) her world is a little more vibrant than before.

I’m excited to play around with the colors, sounds, and emotions of these characters. I just need a bit more time to get it all right.

So, I’m starting slow this year. That’s okay. I’m actually enjoying it for the easing of some of the pressure.

Happy Writing!


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