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Battling My Jealous Inner Critic

Okay, so I have a confession to make. I get SUPER jealous when other writers start posting about how they finished a major revision, when they have release dates, or when they reveal their super cool covers. Am I happy for them? Yes! I’m stoked that they are succeeding and making progress with their projects! However, the childish voice in my head is crossing her arms, stamping her foot, and screaming, “Why not me? Why can’t I have the cool thing? I want to announce things too!”

Well, you whiney little brat, you can. (That’s not very nice to the Critic…but stick with me).

To settle this form of my Internal Critic down, I soothe it with some good old fashioned creative distraction. I give you, my completely fake book covers with not final titles:

Are they as super awesome as I imagine my future cover to be? Close. But, more importantly they distract my Critic. I’ve got a cover too! I have THREE covers. The other stuff like a release date, finishing my revisions, etc. comes with time and steady progress.

Rationally, I know that at some point I will have fun things to share about my work, but sometimes you just need to make your own hype. Sometimes, you have to indulge the childish side of yourself to make sure you’re not overwhelmed by the envy or feelings of inadequacy. I am not behind. I am taking things at my own meaningful but manageable pace. When I have things to share, they will be even more exciting and fulfilling.

Do you do things like this to hype yourself up? What other things help to quiet/distract your Critic?

Happy Writing!


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